Greetings and a Happy New Year to everyone.
We’re all looking forward to Nara Jalt’s 2010 projects.
In case you missed the info about the election results, we are pleased to have two new faces on board and there has been a slight cabinet re-shuffle.
Thankyou and welcome to Leigh McDowell and Ray Santos for stepping forward as Nara Jalt officers.

Chapter President, Jeff Crawford,
Treasurer, Leigh McDowell,
Membership Chair, Loren Crisler,
Programme Chair, Ray Santos,
Publicity Chair, Catriona Takeuchi.

We look forward to bringing interesting, exciting and inspiring presenters and presentations to Nara Jalt.
Your comments, feedback and ideas are welcome and appreciated.
We are now also on FACEBOOK, so please come on over and join in the dialogue.
Many thanks.
Nara Jalt.

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