May 16th My Share. Jeff Crawford.

Jeff Crawford et al, has now been changed to Jeff Crawford Flies Solo ( without a net).


‘Et al’ are unfortunately unavailable at this time and we appreciate our very own Jeff Crawford stepping up for a solo performance.

 SUNDAY MAY 16th 2010.
from 2pm-4pm.

Our very own Jeff Crawford, currently gainfully employed at Tezukayama, Kwansei
Gakkuin University and Shoin Women’s University, will demostrate for us how he
scaffolds activities from lower to higher levels, creating greater learner
confidence and autonomy in output.

He feels that employing devices such as game based activities distracts learners
from the typical face threatening exercises commonly found in most text books.
He will be happy to share activities and welcomes, nay desires,
instructor-participant feedback in the true spirit of MYSHARE.

This promises to be one of those presentations that has something to offer
everyone regardless of your current teaching situation.

Please join us for the inaugural meeting at our wonderful new meeting room, at
YUMEKAZE HIROBA, conveniently situated in the heart of Nara.

If coming by car, free parking is available.
If coming by train, take the Kintetsu Nara Line to Nara station, walk alongside
the park towards Todaiji ( well signposted), YUMEKAZE HIROBA is on the left hand
just before the top of the lane leading to Todaiji. ( Where all the rickshaws hang out)

For further directions/information please email me at,

Thanks, hope to see you all there,


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