Dear friends, 

As you may have heard, starting from May we are holding some Nara JALT events at a new venue. The name of the venue is 夢しるべ風しるべ (Yume shirube kaze shirube) and it is really something. Here are links to the homepage, floor map (we are in building F) and access map, respectively: 




Situated in Nara Park, quite literally at the front gate of Todaiji, it’s a beautiful venue with something to offer for all the family. We hope to see everyone there this year at our upcoming events, and do not hesitate to bring your loved ones and make a day out of it in the heart of old Nara. 

Also, the room where we’ll be holding events does not have a projector, and we would like to appeal to any Nara or other JALT chapter members who may have access to a projector for sale or loan, to kindly inform us. 


Leigh McDowell

Nara Chapter Treasurer

Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT)

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