A Review of Jeff Crawford’s Presentation.


Jeff Crawford’s My Share Presentation.

Scaffolding Activities.

Review by Ray Santos.

On Sunday, May 16th at Yumekaze Hiroba, our new JALT meeting location in Nara City, Jeff Crawford gave a My Share presentation.  Jeff demonstrated “how he scaffolds activities from lower to higher levels, creating greater learner confidence and autonomy in output”. The activities which Jeff presented were mainly in a game based format and were for lower level university students.  However, a simplified form of the activities could, also be used for elementary, junior high and high school students.

            First of all, Jeff discussed the underlying theories to this game based approach that he employs in the classroom.  Then, he further explained that the activities which he was going to present were based on the game ‘battleship’ (see attached prints).  Basically, by communicating in English, students had to locate their partner’s hidden ‘battleships’.  After this brief explanation, we were given the ‘battleship’ prints and asked to do the activity.  Suddenly, the room became lively as all the participants began making statements to try to locate their partners ‘battleships’.  Even though I was not a student, I felt that the activity was quite entertaining. Moreover, I believe that English language learners will find these activities exciting and educational.  In addition, by using this game based strategy, low-level English learners will focus on accomplishing the task of locating the ‘battleships’ and not worry about being embarrassed to speak English.

            After Jeff presented a few versions of this activity, we were divided into groups of four and encouraged to discuss the positive and negative aspects of these activities.  Following this, we returned to our large group and then reported on what we had discussed in the smaller groups.  There were a number of excellent ideas on how to use these activities in various educational setting.

            Overall, the presentation was not only thought-provoking, but also fun.  What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Thank you, Jeff!

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