MUSIC and MOVEMENT September 19th

Making Them Work For You
It’s the first class on Monday morning or the last class on Friday afternoon.
It’s a suffocatingly hot day or you’re shivering in a frigid classroom.
Your students are suffering from post-exam fatigue or too much ‘undoukai’ practice.
Your English lesson is jammed into a time spot between soraban and karate.
Your students are busy, tired or just distracted.
Before you can deliver the stellar, multi- skill, fully interactive English lesson you spent hours researching and preparing for, you need to get them interested, motivated, AWAKE!!
What can you do? 
Ray Santos and Catriona Takeuchi will be looking at ways in which we can use music and movement in the classroom to increase energy levels and energise students, maximizing the potential to fully absorb your brilliant English lesson and thus go on to enjoy a fabulous multi-lingual life. 
The best part is that these strategies can be used for Elementary, Junior High, High School or University students.
Seibu Kouminkan, Gakuenmae Station, Kintetsu Line.
Sunday September 19th from 3pm -5pm.
See you there.


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