FIRST EVENT OF 2011.Tenri Uni-Nara JALT Joint Seminar

Tenri University–Nara JALT Joint Seminar:


Tenri University, Nara JALT、

KELES (Kansai English Language Education Society) Nara Chapter、

NET Forum

Saturday, January 29th, 2011,


“Beyond the New Course of Study – From the Classroom to the World –

Speaker: Various

Time: 12:45 – 5:20pm (12:45 – 17:20)

Opening Addresses 12:45 – 1:00pm

Presentation 1) 1:00 – 1:40pm
“Connecting English Education to the World – Incorporating Developmental Education in English Classes–”

by Miwa Hiroshima (Takada Junior High School)

Presentation 2) 1:50 – 2:50pm
“Facilitating Coordination between Upper Secondary Schools and Universities: English Education through International Education”
by Yoshinobu Yoshikawa (Nikaido High School), Shinji Yamamoto and Akihiro Inoue (Tenri University)

Presentation 3) 3:00 – 3:40pm
“Teaching Locally, Engaging Globally: Global Issues and You”
by Steve Cornwell (Osaka Jyogakuin University)

     In this workshop the presenter will demonstrate some activities focusing on global issues that each of us can do with our classes, suggest ways we can engage with other teachers globally, and if time allows, share how his school integrates global issues into the curriculum. He is Director of Program for JALT. He has taught in China, Japan, Ecuador, and the US and has presented to teachers in Bangladesh, Thailand, the US, and Japan. He has worked with business students, university students, adults, junior high and high school students. He has been involved with editing and reviewing articles for academic journals.

Lecture 3:50 – 5:20pm
“Beyond the New Course of Study –Making Your Students Think and Aware through Learning English– ”
by Mamorui Morizumi (Oobirin University)

     The lecturer is the ex-president of JACET and has been deeply involved in editing junior and senior high school textbooks. His major interests are incorporating cross-cultural education in ELT and developing students’ balanced and healthy perception about language. He will talk about the importance of other goals of English teaching other than skill training.


Snack Party 5:40 – 6:50pm

For further details or to register, please contact Hidetami Nakai of Tenri University at: (Just write your name and “I will attend.”)

For directions to the event, please refer to the Tenri Uni’s official homepage.
If you drive, first go to the Tenri City Hall which is on the route 169 (Nara to Tenri to Sakurai). Turn left (if you are coming from Nara) and go along the gingo avenue for about a kilometer, then you’ll get to the Tenrikyo Headquater. Tenri Uni is across the street.
Or if you get off at Tenri Higashi Intersection of Meihan highway, and drive along for about 2miles, then you’ll hit Isonokami Shrine.
You can see Tenri from there. (You’ll see the two tall chimneys.)
Just turn right at the first traffic signal in front of the Shrine.
From there you’ll find the event posters.

Tenri Univ has two campuses, the PE Department right behind Tenri station and Somanouchi campus in front of the Tenrikyo Headquarters (kyokai-honbu).
The venue is Somanouchi campus, which is near Isonokami Shrine.
If you come by train, please walk up the main arcade up to the Headquaters. It takes about 25 minutes. 5 – 10 minutes by taxi.

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