Getting Started with Classroom Research

Presenter: Greg Sholdt  Special Appointment Associate Professor at Kobe University

Date: Sunday, March 13th
Time: 14:00 – 16:00
Place: Yumekaze, Nara City (near Todaiji Temple)
Cost: Free for JALT members, 500 yen for day members.
Being able to conduct good quality research in the classroom can help teachers grow as they gain new insight into their students and teaching practices, better understand published studies, strengthen their credentials for career advancement.  However, without adequate training and guidance, getting started in classroom-based research can be a bewildering endeavour.
Greg Sholdt has recognized this truth and in this practical and hands-on presentation will outline his scaffolding-based method of helping teachers take the first step and highlight a clear path to becoming a serious researcher.
About the presenter:
Gregory Sholdt has been an English language instructor in Japan for over 13 years having been based in Tokyo, Okayama, and now Kobe where he is currently employed as a Special Appointment Associate Professor at Kobe University. He was the personnel director and a graduate admissions advisor at a Tokyo company that helped Japanese students gain entry into overseas graduate university programs before starting a career teaching English at the university level. For the past five years, he has concentrated his non-teaching activities on facilitating professional development of language teachers interested in conducting classroom-based research.
Sholdt studied Educational Psychology at the University of Hawaii where he received extensive training in quantitative research methods and statistics. During that time, he also independently taught an introductory statistics course that was a requirement for Masters students in Nursing, Social Work, and Education. He has used that education and experience to develop a series of workshops related to action research, quantitative research methods, and statistics specifically addressing the needs of MA level English language instructors who have a desire to conduct research based on their classroom activities.


  1. stay safe greg; i know you are in Kobe in the south of Japan; my heart goes out to all the people there. Love your tuba buddy, Bobby

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