English for Children

We have a tremendous triple billing for our Nara JALT May event: English for Children.

In this presentation, Janina Tubby, Kim Horne and Catherine Oki, all with years of experience under their belts, will be divulging some of their most successful hints‘n’tips for teachers of young learners, from kindergarten through to elementary school aged students.  These practical and active sessions are a must for all teachers of young learners wishing to add a little more life, fun and some fresh ideas to their classes.

When: Sunday, 15th May 2011

Time: 14:00 ~ 17:30

Where: Yumekaze, Nara City

Cost: Free for JALT members, 500 yen for guests.

Presentation Outline:

Session 1:

In this session Janina will demonstrate activities that work for Mommy and Me (AKA Kangaroo) classes. Songs, games and ways to ham it up, puppets, props and lots more. Mommy and Me is a great opportunity to present immersion style English and little kid friendly activities that get young children and Moms listening to and speaking natural English. Join in the fun!

About the presenter:

Janina Tubby is the owner and head teacher at Kobe Bilingual School. She has been teaching in Japan for almost 20 years and running Mommy and Me classes for the last 8.

Session 2: Brain Rules for the Classroom

Using some commonsense brain rules, learn how to engage your students with movement, music, interactive reading, drama and MORE! These essential elements will add power and punch to your lessons and make learning fun for everyone!

About the presenter:

Kim is from the U.S., and has been crisscrossing cultures since infancy. She has experience in acting, radio and TV, and began teaching English to children & training teachers in Japan in 2000. She currently works at a private kindergarten in Gifu City.

Session 3:

Get ready to hear of talent shows, interviews and other projects for 1st through 6th graders. Catherine will show examples of activities she and teachers at her school have used to engage students.

About the presenter:

Catherine Oki is a teacher, trainer and consultant based in Kyoto Japan. She has been teaching young learners in Japan for 12 years and enjoys nothing more than reading storybooks to children and singing with them.

One thought on “English for Children”

  1. From what I’ve heard of these three speakers, this will be an awesome presentation. Anyone teaching kids will want to catch this one.

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