Call for Papers- FAB3: First Annual Brain Days 3

On July 14-16 2012, Kitakyushu JALT will be co-hosting FAB3: First Annual Brain Days 3. They are now accepting submissions from those interested in presenting at the event. Details Below.


FAB3: First Annual Brain Days (International Three Day TEFL Certification Event)


 Date: Saturday, July 14 – Monday, 16th, 2012                                 


Time: TBA


Location: Kitakyushu, Japan


Cost: TBA                                                    


Organization: Kitakyushu JALT, ETJ Kitakyushu, FAB


CALL FOR PAPERS DEADLINE: MARCH 31, 2012 (Notification date: April 30, 2012)




Description: The organizing committee of FAB3 invites interested teachers/researchers to submit presentation proposals for the FAB3 Conference, which will be held on July 14 – 16th, 2012 in Kitakyushu (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday -a three day weekend in Japan). 




How can Neuroscience, Psychology, and English Language Teaching (ELT) inform each other for the benefit of students and teachers? This question is at the core of our FAB events. We are asking teachers/researchers to connect at least two out of the three (Neuroscience, Psychology, and ELT) areas and choose the best format for their presentation. Formats are: Poster session, Pecha Kucha, 20 min., and 50 min. 




Featured Speakers include Curtis Kelly, Marc Helgesen, Tim Murphey, and Robert S. Murphy. TEFL certification is available as an option (additional work required for full certification). Participation certificates will be available upon request.




Copy and paste this submission form to:


The title should clearly describe the content of your talk in up to 12 words. Capitalize only the first letter and any proper nouns. Submit by March 31, 2012.






Main speaker name: 


Main speaker affiliation: 


Other speaker names (if more than one speaker):


Main speaker email address: 


Main speaker telephone number: 


Please indicate the SIG most relevant to your talk: 


Format: choose one – Poster session, Pecha Kucha, 20 min., and 50 min.


Abstract (max 300 words):

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