Call for Chapter Officer Nominations and Announcement of the Nara JALT Annual General Meeting

Dear Nara JALT members,

The JALT international conference, held this year in October, marks the end of the elected term for current Nara Chapter Officers and an opportunity for chapter members to become more involved in the running of your chapter.  For a JALT Chapter to function, officers are needed for the following five positions: Publicity Chair, Membership Chair, Program Chair, Chapter Treasurer, and Chapter President.

If you would like to be a part of the Nara JALT team of officers or nominate a willing chapter member, please send an email stating the name of the person who would like to run and the officer position they would like to run for, to the following email address:

It is also possible for chapter members to take on officer status outside of these traditional five positions, so if you feel you can contribute to your chapter in any way, please let it be known in an email to the address above.


All nominations for officer positions will be considered and ratified by vote during the Nara JALT Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM will be held at the Yumekaze Hall (Link to location) on:

Sunday, September 16th from 14:00 to 15:00.

During this meeting, all chapter members in good standing have the right to vote their support for the new chapter officers.

Also note that the AGM will be followed by a regular chapter event featuring Early Education specialist, Dr. Takako Watanabe. We look forward to your participation.

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