2014-2015 Nara JALT Officers

Thank you so much to everyone for your votes and continued support of Nara JALT.  We are a small but thriving and lively chapter and stay that way with your  continued participation. Thanks to all of you who have come out to our events and meetings over the past year and look forward to seeing you again at our 2015 events.  Please contact us with any questions or ideas you might have or if you would like to get more involved. We are always looking for new faces to join the team.

Nara JALT        narajalt@gmail.com

The Nara JALT officers for 2014-2015 are-

Chapter President- Catriona Takeuchi

Treasurer- Richard Sharrard

Membership Chair- Motoko Teraoka

Programme Chair- Andy Sowter.

And we warmly welcome back on board Luke Rigano as our new Publicity Chair. Luke has previously been Publicity Chair for Nara JALT and we will all benefit from his experience.

2 thoughts on “2014-2015 Nara JALT Officers”

  1. All the best to the 2015 Nara JALT team of officers. With the experience and rapport that you have all built up. I am certain the 2015 Nara JALT program will be better than ever. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the events.

  2. Great!

    Just sharing my thoughts: Is it time to update the Nara JALT webpages? WordPress is starting to look old. Also, any chance we could get a screening of the movie “Half” as part of the 2015 program? I think the Bilingual SIG could do that.

    I also shared a comment on the blog with an “all the best” to the team.


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