June 2015 Event: THT-SIG Projects: Dedicated to the aid and assistance of fellow educators and students in and around Asia

Date and Time: Sunday, 14 June 2015 – 1:00pm4:30pm

Roger Palmer on Krygzstan

Mike Furmanovsky on Vietnam and THT

Guest speaker on Bangladesh.

Brent Jones on the Philippines.

Ann Mayeda and Randy Bollig on Nepal.

With the cooperation of the THT-SIG(Teachers Helping Teachers), Nara JALT is proud to present this eye-opening and inspiring special event.
Multiple presenters will talk about their projects and passions, supported through the THT SIG. They will talk extensively on activities in Nepal, Vietnam, Kyrygystan and Bangladesh as well as their work to develop overseas volunteer opportunities.
A THT-SIG representative will also give a brief insight into what THT is and how it helps to make a positive difference to so many.

Further details of THT-SIG activities can be found at:

http://www.tht-japan.org/   http://jalt.org/groups/558

Location: Yamato Conference Center(やまと会議室)
Guide to Location:  Link to meeting location
Fee for JALT members: Free
Fee for one-day members: 1,000 yen

      **Post-event dinner**

Fittingly, a post event dinner shall be held at a local Vietnamese restaurant from 5PM-7PM for those interested in continuing the discussion, mingling with the presenters or just catching up with fellow Nara JALT members after the official event has finished. Seating is extremely limited so should you be interested in reserving a place, please RSVP to Nara JALT Publicity Officer, Luke Rigano, by email [lukerigano (at) hotmail (dot) com] with ‘Nara JALT June event RSVP’ as the subject, followed by your name and number of guests in the body of the email, no later than 6PM, Friday, June 12th. Please be aware that guests are asked to cover the cost of their own meal and drinks: 2,160 yen,  (course menu: Beto teishoku).

One thought on “June 2015 Event: THT-SIG Projects: Dedicated to the aid and assistance of fellow educators and students in and around Asia”

  1. This event looks awesome. It’s definitely something I would want to attend if I were in Nara. Kudos to Nara JALT for making this happen.

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