JANE JORITZ- NAKAGAWA. April 18th 2009

We are thrilled to have Jane Joritz-Nakagawa from Aichi University of Education
to present for us on a topic we don’t often get a chance to hear about:


Presenter Jane Joritz-Nakagawa


All students in Japan have some background in poetry
that can be utilized as a springboard for classroom
activities. Poetry can be an occasional classroom
resource material, or the basis for an entire content
course in a foreign language. Jane Joritz-Nakagawa
will bring poems and techniques that can be used at a
variety of language levels, and participants will
brainstorm how they can use poems effectively in their
own classrooms.

Jane Joritz-Nakagawa is a long time resident of Japan
who currently works as associate professor at Aichi
University of Education. She has taught for twenty
years, most of that in Japanese universities. She
currently teaches courses in EFL, language teaching
pedagogy, and content areas such as poetry, gender
studies, and others.

Jane has published dozens of papers on teaching approach
(especially cooperative learning), as well as over 150
poems, plus essays and interviews, in international
literary journals. She is currently at work on her
fourth poetry book. She researches feminism and
experimental poetry by women, as well as learning

Saturday April 18th 2009.

Tezukayama Gakuenmae Campus.
2pm to 5pm.

For further info, please contact us here or through the Nara JALT Group.


March 15th Lena Okada.

We are very lucky to have Lena Okada presenting for us on Sunday march 15th 2009.


Lena Okada has been training elementary school teachers to teach
English for almost two decades.
She has an array of impressive credentials, and a wealth of knowledge
and experience behind her.
She has great passion and enthusiasm for her topic and a
comprehensive understanding of the internal workings of the Japanese
elementary school system.

Her very comprehensive presentation will include;

Curriculum guidelines.
Teaching Aids;
Creating Teaching Aids
When and how to use them.

The role of the ALT in the classroom.
How to effectively use ALts.

What and when to teach?
Grade specific advice on what and when to teach.
When to introduce reading/writing.

Detailed demonstrations on using,
Story telling

March 15th ( Sunday)
Tezukayama, Gakuenmae Campus.

This promises to be a dynamic presentation.
While it specifically targets Japanese Elementary schools, the ideas
and information can be used by many of us in different
teaching environments.

If you have contacts in your local public schools please feel free to
invite Japanese elementary school teachers too.
See you there!

Events Schedule 2009.

We have a fabulous line-up of events for 2009 and hope many of you can make them.

In fact when ‘the Academy’ starts recognising JALT Chapters as a viable category, I think we’ll be getting our hands on the golden statue for best, most diverse programme 😉

Dates alternate Sat/Sun to make it as easy as possible to attend for people with weekend work and family commitments.

Our informal ‘myshare’ meetings are family friendly, so bring your whole crew along, all welcome.

Please take a second to peruse the schedule, we have diverse topics and presenters, something for everyone

and it’s always good to turn up and just meet  people and make some new friends and contacts.

Hope too see you all.

Nara JALT 2009 Dates




January 25 (Sun)      My Share/Planning

February 21 (Sat)     Troubleshooting

                                 Syllabus & Activities


March 15 (Sun)        Lena Okada

                                 Teaching English in

                                 Elementary School

April 18 (Sat)           Jane Nakagawa:

                                 Poetry In Class 


May 17 (Sun)           Marcos Benevides

                                 Task-Based Learning  

June 20 (Sat)            Juanita Heigham:

                                 Self-Access Study 


July 19 (Sun)            Marc Sheffner

                                 Immediate Method  

September 19 (Sat) Steve Herder

                                 Building Collaborative


October 17 (Sat) & 18 (Sun)   CUE-SIG

                 Annual Convention 

November 14 (Sat)   TBA

December 20 (Sun) Year-End Party


@ Tezukayama University

(Gakuen-Mae Campus)

From 14:00 to 17:00

 More details to follow nearer the dates.


Nara JALT Publicity.

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