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Nara JALT’s third online event: 

Recently, Nara JALT president, Leigh McDowell, sat down with former Nara JALT members, Steven Nishida and Jim Swan, for a Zoom conversation. Both Steve and Jim have stepped back from JALT now but have taken leading roles in JALT in the past, including Vice President and President, respectively, at the national level of JALT, and we reflect on their time with JALT and how it helped them develop professionally. 

Please click on the link below to go to the Nara JALT YouTube channel and you too can be part of the conversation by leaving comments in the comments section. We would love to hear from you. Please show your support by subscribing to the channel.

Emergency Teaching and Online learning. A conversation with Garr Reynolds.

Emergency Teaching and Online learning.
A conversation with Garr Reynolds.

Nara JALT’s second online event:

In lieu of our traditional face-to-face program, Nara JALT brings you an online interview with Garr Reynolds. Garr, a world-renowned author and professor at Kansai Gaidai, was generous to freely give his time to talk about coping with emergency remote teaching during the pandemic. 

The interview is hosted on the new Nara JALT YouTube channel and can be accessed via the following link:

Emergency Teaching and Online learning.
A conversation with Garr Reynolds.

Nara JALT presents: Content and Language Integrated Learning: An Online Panel Discussion.

The start of 2020 has brought all of us unimaginable challenges and sacrifices. Many of us have had to fundamentally change the way we go about doing even the simplest of things. Spring is usually the time when we begin new journeys and challenges. This year has certainly given us plenty of them already. 

The officers at Nara Jalt had prepared a wonderful selection of events for you this year. Attending these events gives us all the chance to learn new things while meeting like-minded people. April’s event was going to be a panel discussion with 3 CLIL experts and we were so disappointed when we had to cancel it. 

The world is fighting an invisible enemy, and this battle is causing us all immense pain and stress. It is at these times that we must remember that we are all part of a wonderful community that loves and supports one another. So, the officers at Nara Jalt decided to take our April event online and share it with all of you. We wanted to try and bring a little bit of normality back at such a crazy and unpredictable time in all our lives.

We would like to thank Laurence Anthony, Francesco Bolstad, and Brian Shaw for taking the time to participate in Nara JALT’s first online event. This would not have been possible without their support. Thank you so much.

Stay safe and practice social distancing.

Nara JALT Officers.

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