Harold Palmer in Japan: A Lesson from History

Our very own Leigh Mcdowell and Yoko Yasu will be talking to us about Harold Palmer and his  work in the teaching of English in Japan.

Catch them with us first before they take this great talk to the national conference.

Harold Palmer in Japan: A Lesson from History
Eighty-eight years ago, Harold E. Palmer—a language educator widely renowned for his creativity and expertise—was invited to Japan as Linguistic Advisor to the Ministry of Education. For fourteen years, Palmer worked tirelessly in Tokyo creating a wealth of language learning tools and techniques that would help Japanese reform their English language teaching.
Come and hear the story of this great man’s attempts to improve English language teaching in Japan in the 1920–30s. This is a story of success and failure; an episode in history from which we can all draw inspiration and learn something about what it means to teach English here in Japan.
Leigh McDowell
Leigh McDowell has been teaching and learning in Japan for over ten years now. He currently teaches scientific writing and presentation at Japan’s top ranked national university, the Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST). After coming across the work of Harold E. Palmer in the Master’s in TESOL Program at Temple University, Leigh was inspired to research more and share with others the story of this great figure in the history of English language teaching.
Yoko Yaku
Yoko Yaku teaches English at the Osaka Pprefectural Matsubara Senior High School. She has also recently completed her Master‘s in TESOL from Temple University, Japan. Yoko is convinced that her English would be much better now if she had been taught in junior high school with Palmer’s methodology instead of the traditional Japanese way of teaching English. In this presentation, Yoko will share her reasons for that conviction.
Date: October 17th (Sun)
Time: 15:00–17:00
Location: Nara, Yumekaze http://www.yume-kaze.com/site/access/index.html
See you there!

Autumn Attractions.

A quick preview of what Nara Jalt is offering for this autumn.


MUSIC AND MOVEMENT ( are awesome !)

Ray Santos and Catriona Takeuchi will looks at some ways in which we can use music and movement

to raise and lower energy levels in class, creating an atmosphere for more focused learning.

3pm -5pm and MANABU NARA ( Kintetsu Gakuenmae station)

Mark your calendars and stay tuned for further details.


HAROLD PALMER in JAPAN, A Lesson From History.

Leigh McDowell and Yoko Yaku will present on Harold Palmer’s findings and their relevence in today’s classrooms.

Details to follow.

at http://www.yume-kaze.com/site/access/index.html

( conveniently located next to Todaiji, Yumekaze is a family friendly location, while family members

peruse the local shops and attractions, enjoy the presentation, and then gather together again for

a fun social evening afterwards)

from 3pm to 5pm.

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