October 2015 Event: How do Japanese-university English learners look to you?

Speaker: Etsuko Shimo, Kinki University, Faculty of Applied Sociology

Date: Sunday, October 4th, 2015.   Time: 10:00 ~ 11:30 a.m.

Venue: Yamato Conference Hall (やまと会議室). Less than 100m from Kintestsu Nara Stn.

Fee: Free for JALT members, and 1.000 yen for non-members

**Optional lunch at a nearby restaurant to follow the event**


Have you ever felt that English L1 teachers (ETs) and Japanese L1 teachers (JTs) have different opinions of their Japanese students? In many university-level English learning programs in Japan, ETs and JTs work together for shared curriculum goals. However, they are often assigned different teaching roles and may have different expectations towards their students. The presenter will discuss the results of a teacher belief survey which explored Japanese university English teachers’ perceptions about their students’ characteristics (e.g, personalities and attitudes towards learning English). The presenter will also share implications and suggestions for classroom pedagogy and curricular designs based on the study findings.



Presenter Biography

Etsuko Shimo (Ed.M. in TESOL), associate professor in the Faculty of Applied Sociology, Kinki University, teaches English and other related courses in their undergraduate programs. Her research interests include student and teacher beliefs, can-do based curriculum development, learner autonomy, and collaborative learning activities in language learning and teaching.

The reflective teacher: Towards self-actualization – Andy Boon (Toyo Gakuen University) – April 8, 2012

Nara JALT is very proud to present Andy Boon (Toyo Gakuen University) for our April event. This will be a wonderful opportunity to not only catch this unique presentation in a secluded, intimate setting but also join Andy and all the attendees for some casual discourse and refreshments under the fluttering cherry blossoms in Nara Park following the formalities.
Date: April 8, 2012
Time: 12:00–13:30 (followed by hanami in the park)
Event title: The reflective teacher: Towards self-actualization
Speaker: Andy Boon (Toyo Gakuen University)
In the act of teaching, we have little time to reflect on the successes or puzzles that occur within our classes and can lose valuable opportunities for gaining insights into our pedagogic practice. There is a need, therefore, for practical ways to help us think back upon our experiences more deeply and to discover what is actually happening in our classrooms. This workshop discusses the process of becoming reflective and the journey towards pedagogic self-actualization. It also provides a number of strategies and frameworks that can be used by teachers to facilitate critical reflection on their teaching and find new discoveries, possibilities, and ideas for research themes there.
*All are welcome and encouraged to join the family friendly after-event. Please bring some of your favorite hanami drinks and snacks along, kick back and relax in the stunning surroundings. Further details to follow.

The Annual Tenri University-Nara JALT Joint Seminar 2012

Hosted by: Tenri University, Nara JALT, Kansai English Language Education Society (Nara Chapter), and NET Forum

Time and date: 12:40–17:50 Sunday, January 29th, 2012

Theme: Reconsidering the Standards of Teaching




Opening Addresses


13:00–13:30 Presentation 1

Kazuya Nakakono (Unebi Junior High School)

Looking Back at My First Year as a Junior High Teacher


13:40–14:20 Presentation 2

Yasuhiro Sakata (Takada High School)

Pronunciation Practice for the High School Students Who Want to Be Elementary School Teachers


14:30–15:10 Presentation 3

Takashi Yamamoto, Misa Naruse, and Motoyasu Saito (Tenri High School)

Towards Establishing the a Unified Syllabus for the Whole School


15:20–16:00 Workshop/Presentation 4

Matthew Apple (Nara National College of Technology)

To Use Tech or Not to Use Tech: Is This Even the Right Question?

This part-lecture, part-workshop will first offer a set of criteria for assessing the use of technology in the language classroom, after which participants will be invited to examine a list of potential language learning activities and discuss what technology could be used to help the learning process.



Jyuichi Suzuki (Kyoto University of Foreign Studies)

Improving Teaching Procedures through Self-evaluation

Jyuichi Suzuki, vice-president of the Kansai English Language Education Society (KELES), has been advocating the use of self-evaluation on the part of English teachers in order to improve the procedures of everyday teaching in language classes. He is going to give us some advice, which helps us reconsider the “standard” procedures of our teaching.



Snack party and informal discussion session


For further details or to register, please contact Hidetami Nakai of Tenri University at: h-nakai@sta.tenri-u.ac.jp (Just write your name and “I will attend”).



For directions to the event, please refer to the Tenri Uni’s official homepage. If you drive, first go to the Tenri City Hall, which is on the route 169 (Nara to Tenri to Sakurai). Turn left if you are coming from Nara and go along the Gingo avenue for about a kilometer, then you’ll get to the Tenrikyo Headquaters. Tenri University is across the street.

Or, if you get off at Tenri Higashi Intersection of Meihan highway, and drive along for about 2 miles, then you’ll hit Isonokami Shrine. You can see Tenri Uni from there. You’ll see the two tall chimneys. Just turn right at the first traffic signal in front of the Shrine. From there you’ll find the event posters.


Tenri Univ has two campuses: 1) the PE Department right behind Tenri Station and 2) the Somanouchi campus in front of the Tenrikyo Headquarters (kyokai-honbu). The venue is the Somanouchi campus near Isonokami Shrine. If you come by train, walk up the main arcade up to the Headquarters. It takes about 25 minutes on foot, or 5–10 minutes by taxi.

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